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underseas fifteen hundred people are trapped inside a mosque in cairo which is surrounded by security forces this follows another day of deadly clashes in which nearly one hundred people were killed. above the law since two thousand and eight leaked documents indicate that's how long the us national security agency has been playing by its own rules look into these latest revelations by whistleblower edward snowden. russian punk band pussy riot received their prison sentences a year ago today we talked to the one member who was freed and examined how their controversial performance affects society.
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from our studios in moscow you're watching r t with me and he said now it's eight am. a mosque in the egyptian capital is under siege by security forces with over fifteen hundred people said to be trapped there police say they're being shot at from the inside the in from inside the building but the activists claim they're on armed and being attacked themselves these are the latest pictures that we're getting from the alfonse mosque in cairo's rahm's the square people are demanding a safe exit from the mosque once the curfew ends because they fear arrest and up to seventy of them are reportedly injured at the siege comes at the end of the day of anger which saw anti-government protesters clashed with the military across egypt and lead to nearly a hundred deaths archies bell true is in cairo we're seeing just another day it's very. bloody clashes here in the capital as well as across the country now the
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moment we've gone to cast you are still in paris private residence if you days ago however the battle is still raging in the central cairo and where a building is actually on fire it's very dramatic it's completely up in flames there have been a lot of people dying and i was by a field hospital and yes and saw the injured and being critical and with an onset of blood on my head as well as it by gunshot wounds and going from my then russian and from the head shot so it's really quite soon as you can what's happening right now meanwhile the mason brotherhood and you on the spearheading these players and supporters will seek a cooling for a week or concessive are not going to see this and anytime soon the violence right now is the country the kind of fatalities coming from a number of cities including alexandria i'd say you and lucy see this when you say what we're seeing at the moment is really egypt in place is also being forwarded to indications between as he's going to his residence in and face to face the country
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from the north only comes down to egypt and now this starts in the move in the muslim brotherhood and the schools as it moves it basically going to be a nationwide protest against the wednesday the twenty marches here in the capital they descended upon ramsey square which is now in the center of very fierce fighting again between moves to support this and security forces this to and violently something mean when and we're still unsure how it started but gunfire resound across downtown cairo and meanwhile the wounded have been taken to the ins hospitals are housed in well and basically mosques where the bodies are being laid out and through a certain situation here is extremely tense we don't expect it to get any and easy especially with the misguided releasing that statement that they will continue fighting and in the process for the next week. and do check out belcher's twitter feed for many more updates on what's going on in egypt.
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thank you they and i thank my. thang. the bloodshed initially kicked off when the military raided to protest camps supporting ousted president morsi and the to post leader has plenty of support in the wider region as well here's our program or c demonstration. with participants numbering in the thousands they're demanding an end to the bloodshed and turkey's leaders also condemn what's happening in egypt similar scenes in the yemeni capital tens of thousands there are people turning out. and in neighboring but in neighboring saudi arabia i should say they have taken an opposing stance they said egypt's government is fighting against terrorism and the kingdom fully supports that western nations condemn what's happening but haven't done anything else pro-democracy activists said that their inaction is making matters worse. it's actually quite shameful to see countries and leaders of western governments who
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hail themselves because of democracy supporting the slaughter of democracy and it supports isn't it obama came out and said this yesterday is simply not enough this is what the obama subsidies to the army buys the slaughter of innocent men women and children the only may have pulled the trigger yes but it was the west that loaded the gun and the west must take an active stance against this it's not too late to side with democracy in egypt they must come out they must reject what is happening in egypt these cosmetic diplomatic maneuvers of free calling ambassadors and the tepid statements again they are not enough we are talking about people dying and revolution. for each time line much more on what's happening in the country for you there there's a muslim brotherhood spokesman tweeting that the health ministry isn't allowed to
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announce casualty fingers figures i should say and we've got much more social media reactions there for you. as well to check it out. america's national security agency has been violating surveillance rules thousands of times per year since two thousand and eight that's according to an n.s.a. audit and other documents leaked to the press by whistleblower edward snowden reggie's going to each to cam has details leaked n.s.a. internal audit for the year twenty twelve shows thousands of violations and those are the ones that the n.s.a. itself has documented and other paper provide some details on how the agency avoids scrutiny from its supposed to oversee years that the justice department n.s.a. analyst are instructed to give only a broad rationale for for targeting someone and the analysts are specifically
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warned that they must not provide the evidence on which they base their suspicion the n.s.a. defend itself by saying the information is available if requested by overseers but generally from these documents we get the impression that not only has the public being in the dark about these programs but also those who are supposed to provide oversight one of the documents for instance shows that the foreign intelligence. surveillance court which has the authority over some n.s.a. operations did not learn about a new collection method and till it had been in operation for many months the court ruled it unconstitutional so in twenty eleven the court ordered the n.s.a. to comply with standard privacy protections or stop the program but the obama administration has fought a freedom of information lawsuit so the administration's main shield for these programs is secrecy it can brush off any opinions on state secrets grounds
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basically. the white house has defended the n.s.a.'s activities and a representative of the agency has noted that they are increasing efforts to eliminate mistakes in their work while intelligence analysts glenmore trendier harvey says the us government itself is heavily involved in the organization to mastic spying this is domestic surveillance and it is politically hugely embarrassing that's why i don't think it's for role because as i say the administration so totally involved there is something called the foreign intelligence surveillance court now this is a very old body that was set up with the whole row that it would approve individual cases of surveillance because under american law the f.b.i. and certainly the cia and n.s.a. or not allowed to surveil american citizens and yet more to receive with this
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latest revelation courtesy of it was snowden but the massive thousands of surveillance instances a year this is incredible as i say. the worst thing that happens for any government is political embarrassment and they have this in scads. so i had for you this hour of celebrations in berlin with germany's general elections just over five weeks away we take a closer look at how much choice voters actually have and if there's any alternative. also a storm over bottled water we bring you a report on the industry that's trying to keep its profits high and emits pure.
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wealthy british style. time. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mags cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on our. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. most of these voices the couple of the law for violence or theft.
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of the window climbed in and tried to start it. we pushed it a little way and here we were drunk. and soon who you're an alcoholic nearly all of them are homeless orphans with no money or relatives. to live without me. for a moment but there it felt like i was back with those street hooligans are going to beat me up at any moment. as i turn my back i couldn't help wondering about my safety. isn't a warden is there the father you could say that slava raises us he makes normal people out of ugly duckling.
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your authority live from moscow good to have you with us russia not punk band pussy riot received their two year prison sentences for a controversial performance in moscow's christ the savior cathedral one year ago today their actions gain them plenty of support from international musicians but also sparked outrage in russia over what many think was a blasphemous act artie's alexy met one of the members who is free and looked at how the group's actions affected society. you could tina some would say that she is the only member of controversial pussy riot the punk band that walked free the other two money and the deals that are still serving their prison terms on february twenty first last year the mosque the band members stormed into moscow's christ the savior cathedral and performed their so-called punk prayer the protest was widely seemed to be directed against one individual russia's president but some would say which claims the act was aimed at highlighting problems within the russian orthodox
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church just. as protest was directed against the policies of the russian orthodox church and of our state leadership because they managed into one entity we never stood a guest religion or the church as a religious institution of course it has all the rights to exist but a secular state the church cannot force its views onto the general public. ten days after the eccentric displayed a previously unknown band was catapulted into the global headlines. pussy riot punk prayer happened amidst the largest protest movement in russia since the early one nine hundred ninety s. it may have even gone barely noticed had they not been arrested that caused huge public resonance not only at home but abroad as well but don't hold chili peppers franz ferdinand and a handful of other well known musicians joined hundreds globally in protesting against the riots two year prison sentence for hooliganism and inciting religious hatred at home though many saw it differently. than you the post you my it's
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unacceptable it's an act of gross blasphemy a targeted attempt to undermine our values it's a horrible crime and a nation that allows such things to go unpunished has no future the most recent poll on the right sentence by the service center live other suggested that the majority respondents supported the verdict but almost forty percent believe that putting them in prison was a step too far that stance was shared even by some within the rushed. an orthodox church which they do it often considering they performed in not just any temple but also in a memorial to soldiers fallen in the eight hundred twelve war against napoleon i feel that having a trial was the right thing that is to draw attention to negativity but giving them prison terms of send them on an education course to mend their perception instead. since the. a year ago russia has adopted a law criminalizing those who. believe so others stepped necessary by the
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authorities in order to prevent such things from happening again some time behind bars. which has already turned into a thriving global ground from giving more performances where they will be. will become clear once the other members walk out of prison in march next year. mosco. not only on the air but online as well at r.t. dot com we've all there have been stories plus much more let's take a look at what's waiting for you there following the nine eleven terrorist attacks on the us washington said its nuclear facilities were more than capable of withstanding a similar of salt but a new study now claims over one hundred american reactors are vulnerable to an airborne attack and out more details on our website. but area fifty one a notorious you have photos citing locale and of the source of countless conspiracy
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theories is declassified by the cia through the fog of mystery and find out more about what was going on there by logging onto our t.v. dot com. germany's social democrats are taking over central berlin this weekend to celebrate the party's one hundred fiftieth anniversary michael's ruling christian democrat party the socialist main political opponents are saying it's nothing more than a campaign move ahead of september's general elections meanwhile the newly founded alternative for germany party is set to stage its own rally in hamburg the party is hoping to gain representation in parliament which could hinder a coalition forming in the government let's now take a closer look at where these parties stand on some of the major issues wearing the country's voters well speaking about a united europe the ruling cd. you insist that there should be more europe not less the social democrats seem to agree saying that trans border ties should be
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strengthened now the alternative for germany party takes a different stance there against the euro and call for the sovereignty of european states christian democrats also support the employment of immigrant workers in the public sector and the s.p.d. says they should have the same educational opportunities as german citizens well the supporters believe uncontrolled migration should be stopped and when it comes to tough economic policies merkel's party supports what it calls balancing the budget all the social democrats want to shift the focus to growth but say it's too early to say no to austerity measures now it's only the alternative for germany that thinks austerity has to go see those red x.'s there michael voldemort's head of the open the europe berglund think tank says voters are likely to pick an outsider over two major political players. think big parties do have
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a problem with voter loyalty many voters don't just say you know my party right or wrong the. world for the green party for the left party perhaps some new politics coming up to this voter loyalty is not as strong as it used to be. and these parties have to cover all different grounds and try to to please the man on the street which also means that they become hard to distinguish and the c.d.u. for example. has turned much to the left also taking over. points from the social democratic party and for many voters it's it's not that attractive because of the don't really see the alternative the differences between the large popular party. let's not take a look at some other news making headlines a prisoner. why it has left forty injured in bahrain cars use stun guns tear gas and riot sticks on
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a hundred inmates who are protesting over conditions most of the prisoners are said to be political and human rights activists held on terrorism charges recently extended its end to terribles seen by many as an attempt to squash the ongoing anti-government press. and through the killers our hands will reach you that's what the leader of lebanon's hezbollah has promised in his speech following thursday's terror attack on beirut which left twenty one dead and three hundred injured he accused sunni muslims of coordinating the bombing he said he would even double the men fighting in syria if that's what it takes to stop the attacks it's feared rising tensions over the syrian conflict will destabilize lebanon's fragile peace. british pm david cameron has requested the e.u. dispatched observers to gibraltar over the ongoing border row with spain tougher border checks have left drivers queuing for hours to get onto the rock he says
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these controls are politically motivated and if the judum it relations between the countries turned sour after gibraltar built an artificial reef spain oppose it saying it would hurt its fishing industry. and while in outer space russian cosmonauts have made one of the longest space walks ever they spent seven and a half hours outside the international space station breaking a power cable for a new science lab that is set to arrive in a few months time is one of six russian excursions outside the i assess planned for this year. russian pole vaulter you then listen by of who just won back her world title this week has become embroiled in a media frenzy the champion athlete is the focus of condemnation after urging fellow competitors to respect russians law ahead of the twenty fourteenth sochi olympics activists in the u.s. and europe call for a boycott of the winter games after moscow passed
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a law banning the promotion of homosexuality to minors or does this account and of reports. this past week moscow has played host to track and field championships on tuesday the american runner nick symmonds dedicated his silver medal in the eight hundred needle meter race to gay friends and several swedish athletes painted their nails in rainbow colors but the remarks made by your lead was of course the world champion pole vaulter and the biggest star in russian track and field certainly we have noted the debate over gay rights in russia and the world of sport it's on the respect to. some respect to our seats isn't because russians maybe are different than european people then other people from different lands we have our low rates everyone have to respect. concede there are ourself like. normal standard. people you just lose business voices woman's movements boys the know everything from here it comes from this used and they've some police and they've
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some who are not just try to make us such a problem as they does. begins because of the big book because of our law so i think it's unfair front of the now isn't bibles commented sparked major rebuke from international media outlets an athlete's even calls to strip her international olympic committee and mastership role now in response to this criticism she did issue a statement today saying that english simply isn't her first language that she wanted to say that quote people should respect the laws of other countries particularly when they are guests of that country she also added that she is opposed to any discrimination against gay people now just a reminder to our viewers the bill in question criminalize the public an expression of support for nontraditional relationships russian lawmakers say that it doesn't turn out well homosexuality but merely discourages the discussion of it among younger people people younger than eighteen and there have been scattered calls for
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a boycott of the twenty fourteen winter olympics in the russian city of sochi but no country or athlete has yet declined to attend and most officials including us president barack obama have called a boycott on necessary. about harris quiney chairman of the conservative think tank about group believes is them by a had a point when she called on athletes not to use the olympics as a platform for their views but early her english was slightly broken she clarified what she was trying to say in that nation's travel to international sporting events they should respect the book the culture and the laws of the host nation and i think. you're right if you're going to take part in international sporting events as any country i think you have to go there in recognition of the fact that that country may well be different from your own it's a point of international engagement with russia because there's a there's a major international tournament that's that's going to take place next year i
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don't think it's appropriate to political views in that forum clearly there are many athletes that feel the same way it's far from just russia we were in beijing in two thousand and eight hopefully we're going to be in qatar in twenty fourteen as world and it's about going to those countries and focusing on the sport not focusing on the differences between the between the culture and laws in those countries. or trade as the purists of the pure bottled drinking water is often associated with mountain glaciers and fresh springs but as art is an associate turk in the reports a campaign in the u.s. is forcing people to rethink its quality and cost. going a day without water is hard to imagine. but so was paying a lot more money for the same thing that comes out of attack that. americans are the number one consumers of bottled water in the world but why are people paying so much more than they have to cook the bottled water industry simply be tricking us part of the water is
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a huge get you know when you buy bottled water you're paying hundreds if not thousands of times the cost that you would be paying to simply access all ready flows almost half of bottled water is in fact just tap water. tap water that's just filtered by corporations instead of the consumer to home ads with the alluring glaciers on bottles and gorgeous celebrities make bottled water seem so much better people are like children you know you show and also the they probably design it so people like to hold it they sure like their beautiful people or rivers coming down long term so you it's all about health so yeah it is we're told we're fools but you think experts say it's a common misconception that bottled water is more pure in cif than tap pure marketing companies are making billions of dollars in selling this product that's more expensive than gasoline at this point to people and so they they definitely
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benefit from people thinking that tap water is not a safe it's a wonder. why because they simply can get away with it. the think outside the bottle campaign is one of an increasing number of groups challenging the corporations for the past three decades the bottled water industry namely coke pepsi and nestle have attempted to convince us that the only place to get clean and safe water is out of a bottle we all know it's not true the private water industry is really aggressively pushing. put water that is human right into private hands for profit in countries where pollution is high people have no choice but for americans there certainly is experts the consumers just need to be more informed tap water is actually more regulated by the environmental protection agency then bottled water is by the free drug administration well recycling is
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supposed to make consumers feel better in reality plastic accumulation is at a peak seventy five percent of bottles and up in our landfills oceans rivers lakes you now see them you know littering the landscape and they get only twenty five percent of them and upper cycle and i think most people think that that rate is much higher in times when energy and water resources are growing scarce the pacific and found that the equivalent of thirty two hundred fifty four million million barrels of oil are used in a year by the bottled water industry and this is the equivalent it would fuel between one and two million cars a year this will keep up unless perceptions change and we have a population growing so we're going to buy more and more bottle of water and more and more brand coming in every day pure pure of the water with and it's not just bottled water low it's like water with water with energy activists it's time to break the myth and for consumers to change habits before water is a human right is lost who is it that we want to be providing our water is.
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that are you can water profit or is it in fact that we want our own democratically governed. to be the ones that are providing us water if we take into account the huge price markups for a product that's available in most polls as well as the health environmental and regulation concerns it might be a good time to stop and think does one really need this considering life on earth existed without plastic bottles just a few decades ago or is the trend just too resistible to stop the flow and. that wraps up our main news block coming up after a break it's prime interests here on our team. sheet good lumber tour to mccurdy was able to build
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a new its most sophisticated. at least doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach me the creation of life should care about humans and. this is why you should care only on the dog. right on the street. first street. and i would think that you're. on a reporter's twitter. and instagram. should be in the know. on. a good afternoon and a welcome to prime minister.


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